Saturday, July 25, 2015

Old friends from Malaysia

This blog is project related, however it is also a little (not facebook) social.
I met some friends from my time in Malaysia this week.
Bernita (left), is the founder of Lekker Travel LTD based in South Africa.  She is a lovely smart person, who will soon return to South Africa to carry on with her project...
Tilo and Curtney, Tilo runs some Backpacking sites, Plays in a band, and works in Leipzig, Curtney is from Terengganu, and is married to Tilo, she works as an Interior Designer.
The unseen photographer is Florian, now a Principle at Lodestone and based in London.
We all met in Red Palm KL. A fantastic hostel that made loads of people welcome and forged long lasting friendships.
Sadly, due to its size (small) it didn't make money and recently closed. It made the tourist section of the Guardian in England, and was voted best hostel in Asia by hostelworld.
We all miss the Red Palm team, and wish them well. Shame they weren't with us!!
Earlier in the day we met Jimmy, who I met in Proton and Mila, who I holidayed with in Redang Malaysia...
Along with my father, they also stayed with us in Basildon.

We went to Stonehenge, among other places.
Mila, like Curtney is from Terengganu, she is actually part of the Royal family!
You couldn't hope to meet a nicer person. She came with Jimmy, the kids, and a family friend. No photo's sad to say... They are now in Paris.
Bon Voyage!!

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