Wednesday, May 24, 2017

It seems Geely and Proton are now going to be partners

It seems Geely and Proton are now going to be partners, with Geely taking a majority share in Lotus, a Proton subsidiary.
This photo is from a Paul Tan article.

I have written about this possibility before...

Dr. Mahathir signed an agreement for co-operation with Geely whilst he was acting Chairman of Proton. Whilst I'm sure he won't be entirely happy about this, Proton still have control of their destiny
Lotus are now majority (or soon will be) Geely owned. I am sure their is a plan for both companies. I sincerely hope this works out for the best.
I have a good feeling about it.

Here is a video of Dr Mahathir (Proton's founder) and his take on things.

Lastly, I would say. I would be open to an offer to return to Lotus. I have made this known before... but it doesn't hurt to remind people occasionally!

 Here is a local Malaysian TV station report on the situation:

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