Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Video shoot complete. Editing and web page in progress

Yesterday, I filmed the video. I wrote an introductory script for my new website.

It is my intention to send the video to some of the people at the conference, in the hope that they will be suitably impressed. Impressed enough to view

Shortly, I will be adding content pertaining to the plan and strategy for Johor and Shanghai campuses.

I have every confidence that they will then make the right decision, and contact me with a view to making the vision a reality.

The video will be available for viewing by invite only.

Tilo ( helping me with my new website, and video editing.

Herry ( shot the video.

Unlike the video the website is available for public viewing. I am hoping that this will be a first class site. I am responsible for the content. Other more capable people will look after the graphical side.

The ASLI conference went well. I asked one or two questions and networked.

Alex Yoong gave his support and sat with me for the two days... raising my profile!

Thanks Alex! (Sorry no picture of Alex and me) waiting for ASLI to send me one

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