Thursday, September 2, 2010

F1inschools final to be in Singapore. 16 year old tests for Lotus. My wish List. Funding needed.

I see F1inschools will be having their finals in Singapore this year.
I met the founder in Malaysia with his 'Local' team a few years ago. They were local business owners.
Andrew Denford is a charismatic guy. He now has a major sponsor in LG. Andrew himself, owns a company that sell CNC machines,
Here is a small quote from
Participants compete for the prestigious Bernie Ecclestone World Champions trophy along with a chance to get a scholarship at City University, London for a chance to study Automotive and Motorsport Engineering.
Andrew invited me to one of these finals in Australia. I didn't go. He was kind enough to send me plenty of pictures with him and Bernie!
F1inschools have Lotus racing among their associates.
Today, I received a press release from Tom Webb, that a 16 year old actually tested for Lotus!

Duxford, UK 1st September 2010
The Imperial War Museum runway at Duxford played host to the youngest ever test driver in Formula One™ history today, with 16 year old Nabil Jeffri seeing his F1™ dream come true as he conducted a day of aero testing for Lotus Racing on the museum’s Cambridgeshire runway. Fairuz Fauzy and Heikki Kovalainen were both on hand to lend their advice to the young Malaysian and Nabil, a key member of the AirAsia ASEAN Driver Development programme, completed the day’s testing, and gave the team valuable pitstop practice throughout a busy day on track for the Anglo – Malaysian squad.

Group Lotus have produced a pretend F1 car. It costs approx one million USA dollars.
How about letting MUM have a couple of these?

Motorsport University Malaysia could do with a couple of these!
I certainly wouldn't mind getting one in CKD form, and allow the students, under supervision to assemble/drive one.
If I'm making a wish list the Foggy Petronas bikes sitting in Basildon would be nice too.
Check out my previous post.

I have made it known that I am looking for funding for this project. I am available to head it up.
Feel free to contact me on the address below:

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