Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Proton to issue 20% of Lotus to new Dany Bahar Management team. Does Tengku Djan have a plan?

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend.
Today I read that Proton is contemplating (giving) issuing 20% of Lotus to Dany Bahar and his team. This is by way of an incentive to turn Group Lotus into a profit making entity.
The sentence below is taken from a BorneoPost article.

Proton was also contemplating to issue new shares amounting to 20 per cent of Lotus to its new management as a motivating tool to help in making the turnaround plan a reality.

Previously, I have made an entry where this was a 40% share to Dany Bahar.

I have to assume ownership must have been on the table when Dany Bahar was brought onboard.
What has this got to do with Motorsport University Malaysia?

Well, other than Dany has shown absolutely no interest. Nothing I suppose!

Proton have their own Motorsport Division, headed by Tengku Djan. Whilst I have been able to talk to several Lotus CEO's, Tengku Djan has been very non communicative.

Djan is also a successful Drifter. He has taken part in Red Bull sponsored events, and has helped produce the Proton Satria Lotus machine. So there is a connection between him and Dany. Dany was marketing chief for Red Bull before joining Ferrari and now Lotus.

Ultimately they have the same management team above them.
pic borrowed from geartinggi.com

I have sent my proposal to Proton Management. I obviously presented an early iteration to Group Lotus management when I was there. It was not well received at that time. However, the management that poop pooped the idea have all since left Lotus.

Djan worked about 3 metres from me during this period. He was very quiet. He still is.

Djan has been aware of this proposal for a long period. He is head of Motorsport within Proton.

Does he have a plan?

Here is MUM on Slideshare.

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