Thursday, August 26, 2010

Proton to setup strategic units. Tengku Djan to head strategic Motorsport division?

Proton, upset at their inability to ink a deal with Volkswagen, are to set up strategic units. The object is to allow Proton to work with other entities whilst not compromising itself as the official carmaker of Malaysia.
It has no trouble inking deals with local government run Universities. UTM recently signed a professorship deal with them. I'm not sure what that entails. However, both entities come under the Malaysian government.
Pic borrowed from Paul Tan

Proton has two production facilities. Shah Alam is supposed to be sold.
Why not reinvest the money into buying the circuit in Johor? Set up your Motorsport division there.
Obviously, between Proton R3 and it's links with Lotus racing and group Lotus you have a good base. Throw in local companies Malaysian and Singaporean, plus any other interested parties, and you have a wonderful environment for Motorsport University Malaysia... a private University able to work with all entities on legal/ethical educational projects.
Tengku Djan is head of Motorsport. He should make his voice heard in the boardroom.
Show them my proposal. Use that as a starting point for discussion.

Dany Bahar, should also look at this personally. The formation of these business units gives him a wonderful opportunity to form an alliance with Djan on this.
Lotus should look at the global impact of this proposal. As should Proton.
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