Monday, August 23, 2010

British students consider studying abroad. Newcastle Uni Promo video.

Once again I would like to remind you that I am available for hire:

This week, in the UK much has been made of the public spending cuts. Many students are unable to get places at UK Universities.
The BBC showed a clip of the Petronas Towers and a representative of Newcastle University asking people to consider studying in Malaysia.
Newcastle have opened a campus in Johor.
Here is a promo video for Newcastle University:

My sister went to Newcastle University many years ago. I attended her graduation. In a week or two my niece (Kate), will be studying Law there.
I wish her all the best!
I have met lawyers through my volunteering with the local Citizens Advice Bureau in Basildon. Without good contacts within the law community it is difficult to get started on a good career.
Luckily, Kate is a lot smarter than her uncle. I'm sure she will get excellent grades, and do very well for herself.
The last time I visisted my old College (Chelmsford) it was to get paperwork for the American immigration authorities. Most of the teachers had left. Chelmsford is now a University. I have to be truthful and say I did not enjoy studying there!
Life is always throwing up odd situations. Here I am promoting an educational project. It is my dream project, and I am sure it will come to fruition. However, I myself am not an academic.
Such is life.