Saturday, January 15, 2011

An interesting property for sale. A potential Campus?

Today, I saw an interesting article in Autosport...
Buy your own test track!

The test track, previously owned by Honda is available for $2,742,000 ($6,000 per acre). For sale by:
Cantil Properties.

It is 120 miles from Los Angeles. Lotus seem to have a fixation with California, so I have  to put this forward as a potential American campus for the virtual university plan.

The site is just outside of California city.

Click this link to view a flash presentation.

In order to dovetail with the group Lotus vision of having a global presence in Europe (Hethel) Asia (Malaysia-Johor) and North America (Michigan/California). It would be appropriate to have some physical campuses to compliment the Virtual university.

Apart from being in California, the site is purpose built for vehicle testing. It would cost a fortune to replicate from scratch.
The Hyundia-Kia officials and the California City mayor cut the ribbon on the automaker's new $60 Million North American auto test center. This brand new 4,300 acre Hyundia-Kia facility includes a 30,000 square foot office complex and vehicles are tested on a variety of surfaces including a 6.4 mile oval track, a 2.75 mile winding track, and a 3.3 mile hill road. A two million square feet vehicle dynamics area is also included.
Honda also operates a 3,800 acre test facility just North of California City. This facility includes a 7.5 mile oval track, a 4.5 mile winding course, and four courses to test motorcycles & ATV's.[(Presently for sale at $2,742,000) you can spend $10 million on additional development/upgrades and still be only at 20% of Hyundai's outlay].

Just a thought.

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