Friday, January 28, 2011 Interview today. Herry co founder of backpacking asia interviewed.

I have been asked to do an interview with today (Malaysia). The interview will take place today between 5pm and 7pm.

It is not MUM related.
The TV team are here to look at Red Palm. Red Palm is an award winning hostel in KL.
I can't embed the interview, as it has not taken place!
I am back in the UK next week. Among other things I have to be available for a board meeting at a Media workshop I am involved in.
As for the MUM project. I have not been contacted as yet by any of the powers that be...
An update: I was not interviewed. Herry, co founder of was filmed. Herry and the other founder Tilo filmed and edited my webpage video.
Info needed to access video:
1st Column: 3 letters that describe your Mother
2nd Column: Four numbers that describe perfect vision.
They are both younger and better looking than me!
Sofie, the owner of the hostel is a very special person, I genuinely feel the video team made an error in not filming an interview with her. I'm not calling the shots.
I will embed the video in any event when it comes online.

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