Monday, June 6, 2011

Private University in UK starts soon... Not the Motorsport variety!

Is Grayling's New College a New Oxbridge? - Times

I bought the Sunday Times this week it has another couple of articles...

The Univesity proposes to charge £18,000 pounds per year. Private Universities are able to charge whatever they deem appropriate.

Interesting stuff. Education in the UK, like the National Health service is largely under the rule of the government.

As a matter of political principle many people in the UK are opposed to Private Universities.

Obviously, as a former employee of Lotus, when asked to set out a plan for training I immediately thought higher education. Elite but not exclusive.  Elite but inclusive.

Presently, I target One million students. Three physical campuses on three continents.

Hethel/UK/ Europe - Johor / Malaysia / Asia - California /America/ North America

Online access - Globally available, and increasing in its availability and power daily.

Group Lotus with much support from their shareholders are well positioned to do this.

Recently Group Lotus have announced possible layoffs due to the failure to obtain regional funding for Hethel.
Here is a project that was partially funded by the government.

Air Asia Flies to the UK,Malaysia and America (California) so they could also participate if they hugged and made up with Group Lotus. I'd love to use the Lotus 7 cars at the campuses Caterham or Westfield, so there is room for discussion there too.

Tony Fernandes just got another award... he's a Tan Sri now. A Malaysian title. Well done Tony.

A few years ago I was interviewed by Bernama, Astro TV in regard to this project. It's now on Youtube.
I have added it to this post.

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