Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Those in favour... Please speak up!

Still waiting for the Green light for the project. I had no idea I could be this patient!
It is my hope that Tun Mahathir likes the idea and puts in on the Proton/Petronas table for discussion and financing.
It would be nice to think that my name would appear on the ensuing org chart.
I read on a blog (Lotusbuzz) that the old Group Lotus CEO is in hospital with a lung condition.

My only contact with him was by telephone. It was obvious that many people had spoken to him about me. Mostly in order to ensure that I was not hired!

One thing I would like to clear up. I do not have an axe to grind with anyone associated with the Hethel Engineering Centre. The previous head of engineering Dave Tait was instrumental in setting the centre up. I met the man once and shook his hand. He seemed to be very personable. End of story.

I don't intend to answer any other accusations or libelous statements. I do occasionally wonder what makes some people tick.

I'm sure that Tun Mahathir is his own Man and will see through the BullsDoody and make up his own mind.

It would be nice if those who see merit in this would speak up.

Once again for those of you who cannot envisage this, here is a link to the SkySports video on the Burnley football college... 'Why has nobody thought of it before?'   -Brian Barwick FA Chief Executive 2005 - 2008 has an article on how a former F1 in schools student got a job at Red Bull F1 team. Adrian Newey is a patron of F1inschools. It reads like an adfomercial.
Here's the link: A dream realised - from F1 in Schools to Red Bull Racing

I read on the forums that Tony Fernandes was interested in buying Group Lotus at one point, pre Dany Bahar I imagine. I attended an ASLI Auto conference with Alex Yoong a couple of years ago. Alex told me he had met a Lotus Engineering Man on a plane who had suggested he do some work with Lotus Engineering Malaysia (Part of Group Lotus).
Alex now does Driver development for Team Lotus...
Here is his boss on CNN:

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