Friday, July 22, 2011

Open University in England charge £5000 per academic year

The BBC ran an article on 20th July 2011.
Open University sets £5,000 tuition fees

When I made my presentation at ASLI I used the figure of approx £1000 per student.
Prices for a formal recognised degree are rising.

Interestingly, the article states that the OU is still the cheap alternative!

The Open University has announced tuition fees of £5,000 per year for the equivalent of a full-time place for students in England from next year.
This will mean that the Open University, which provides degree courses by distance learning, will have among the lowest fees in England.

Vice chancellor Martin Bean promised "high-quality, flexible and great value-for-money education for all".

Assuming most people are only doing half an academic year per calender year this comes to £2.5Billion revenue per year for one million global students at English OU prices.

According to the RHB figures for Proton Holdings

Proton revenue for 2010 was RM 8,232.9 million this is about £1.7 billion

Perhaps these figures are just a bit too much for Proton/Lotus to comprehend.

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