Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm meeting Angel Investor tonight. Lotus plan to use Hethel Engineering Centre as Research Centre

I'm off to St Albans (outside London,UK) today. They are having a talk by Angel investors. The founder of Angelsden.co.uk. has asked me to meet him afterwards.
I'm not sure I'm ready for funding yet. I look forward to chatting to him and another Angel Mandy who have asked to meet me outside of the actual talk.
I see that Group Lotus are hopeful of getting more government (UK) money.
EDP24 have written the following.

The Hethel Engineering Centre would also be at the heart of the vision, becoming the firm’s centre of applied research.

This fits in with my plan.

I have a contact in a business school. Apparently there are lecturers who want to put their names to my proposal. Have to see how that pans out.

Apparently, Johor Circuit is not for sale. I can work around that. Singapore might be better equipped for what I want to do. The Campus could be in the edu hub in Johor with working arrangements with the local circuits.

One step at a time...

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  1. Hi John...what a great idea u have there! I am for the idea and in fact back in 2000/2001 I involved in a team of people who proposed to the Malaysian Higher Education Ministry on the setting up of an automotive university in Malaysia and it was highly supported by the Association of PROTON vendors. But the economic downturn didnt allow it to happen despite the pre-approval given by the then Higher Education Minister.

    Since then, I have been serving the higher education industry and exposed to college management to marketing and business development. I have some ideas to share with you as well to bring your idea into reality. I would love to be part of this if you can see value in me and my experience in higher education industry in Malaysia, particularly.

    My email ; mikenasri@gmail.com