Saturday, September 17, 2011


Today I checked out Linkedin. My brochure was a subject of most discussed on Linkedin a few weeks ago.
I looked up some old names.
I see Doug Chester is at Lotus. Doug last saw me outside a gym in KL and said "Hello you fat bastard." Previously I was supposed to meet him in a bar after work. I arrived at about 5pm and waited till 10pm. Apparently he turned up at 10.30pm. No apology. A pretty important person.
Another person I saw was Dave Fryatt. Dave was a pretty young detailer in Trafford house. He works for Doug I assume.
My old boss at QED is still there I would think. He emailed me daily and phoned me weekly when I was in Lotus. He was desperate to get a job. QED went bankrupt. I put in several recs to employ him, but Kevin (General Manager) was not in need of his services.
John (my direct boss for a time at Lotus) hired him after I had been laid off. John appears to be his hero. They have similar lives outside of work. Each to his own.
I stayed with Mick (in KL) for a couple of weeks at his request, and couldn't wait to get away.
There is another expat who I had a constant problem with. Again he was close friends with John. He could just go to John, and he could do whatever he liked. I don't miss him at all!
So I have to say, I have no-one in Lotus Malaysia who I would call a close personal friend. They are corporate relationships. Each man for himself.
I will return shortly. Of that I'm sure.
This project is bigger than any individual. It will be a success. It will make a positive difference to peoples lives, and will be a financial success. Thats enough for me.

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