Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bob Lutz is advising an electric truck company plus GM,Lotus and others. Albert Lam on FOX TV.

I see Bob Lutz is advising another company.
Via Truck company have got him onboard.
Their plan. Taken fron Jalopnik.

According to its web site, Via Motors is "a new kind of car company. We build electric version (E-REV) of your favorite trucks and SUVs."

Yes, a "new kind of car company" that makes electric vehicles out of other automakers' cars. Huh. Sounds sort of like Tesla Motors — except, if the images on their web site are correct, they're making electrics out of GM pickups, vans and SUVs rather than Lotus sports cars.

Well, if it worked for Elon Musk...

Albert Lam of Detroit Motors does a similar thing with Protons.

If you go into this site you will see Proton make customised Gen 2 vehicles for Detroit Electric.

Albert Lam was head of Lotus Engineering .

I suppose Bob can use his influence to get a similar deal for his latest company with GM.

No R&D cost for BIW. Wait and see if the Truck is a reliable seller, then stick your electric drive train in and off you go.

Sometimes its not what you know, but who you know.

Good Luck to Bob.

If as one of Lotuses many advisers he'd like to give my proposal his thumbs up, please feel free. Sadly, I don't have the budget to pay for the endorsement!

By the way, I spent several hours with Albert in KL talking to him about the project when he was head of Lotus Engineering.

No Luck. But thanks for the time Albert.

I have just read that Bob has joint Current Motor Amps as an advisor as well. A Michigan based electric scooter manufacturer. Go Bob!

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