Sunday, October 9, 2011

Silverstone Circuit open up a school. Sunday Times 9th October 2011 pg 11

The Conservative government are encouraging reform of schools. These schools are government recognised.
One such school has opened in Siverstone racing circuit.
A few quotes from the Sunday Times aricle (online subscription required).

Silverstone university technical college, sponsored by Northampton University and Tresham college, is part of a group of new vocational schools promoted by Lord Baker, the former Tory education secretary. They are intended to provide technical and vocational training alongside a core curriculum for teenagers who are not well suited to academic study.

In England if your a failure academically, you become a trades person, (if you are lucky) hence the last statement.
There is an old saying:
 In England if you are an Engineer they call you a Mechanic, in Germany they call you a Doctor.

Anyway, it looks more and more favourable for the Motorsport University proposal.

Formula One teams are considered to be potential employers of some of these students.

Another small portion of the Times article:

The Silversone college could also provide technicians for local F1 companies that have previously complained about the difficulty of finding skilled workers in Britain.

The time they are a changing... or at least they appear to be!

Here is the link to the BBC video on this new initiative.

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