Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial weekend in America.

Yesterday, I called a couple of very good friends in Detroit, to wish them a pleasant memorial weekend.
They were pleased to hear from me.
Herbie is a GM pensioner. He and his wife Ginny were very good to me when I was in Detroit. True friends.
Dee is a swami who taught me yoga and eastern philosophy. She is also a very good friend.
Everyone was doing OK I'm happy to say.

When I lived in Detroit, I volunteered at the Detroit Institute of Arts. If you like art, it is a lovely place.
Detroit is bankrupt, and they, the Detroit Institute of Arts, may be asked to sell their assets. The DIA and the art community in general are against this.

Sad that it has come to this. Outside the city many of the suburbs are dripping with cash.

Dee, incidentally endorsed the Children's book, Innocence lost in the ice cream forest. Very kind of her.

I am still waiting for the Motorsport project to take off. I'm not sure who to annoy next!

It will happen sooner rather than later, of that I'm sure.

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