Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Red Palm, my second home in KL

I borrowed this picture from the Red Palm hostel website.
Sofie the manager is in blue, Siti heads the table, she is a lovely girl. Tilo the webpage man is sucking on a coke in the front.
The old grey guy is me!
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Red Palm. It's a great place.

I phoned them this weekend. The hostel is not being filled. The economic downturn is hurting everyone.

Should you be in KL backpacking, or just looking for a good clean cheap place to stay I highly recommend them!

I wrote the original script for Innocence lost in the ice ream forest here. Tilo ended up helping with the graphics along with his dad Claus.

Tilo is soon to set up in Leipzig. Sophie and Siti are still there. I hope to see them soon!

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