Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Getting funding for your dream project is not easy...

I use social media and have a webpage
I don't tend to add pictures and jokes to my facebook page. I usually just update my blog I then share this on Google+ and sometimes Linkedin.
I actually have a lot of pageviews on Google+
Today, I checked out Linkedin. I went onto the Detroit Electric page. I have met with Albert Lam. Presently, Albert is the founder of Detroit Electric, then he was CEO of Lotus Engineering. It was good of him to give me the time, and pay for my coffee!

 He said if I could show him a revenue stream for a "Training" proposal he would bring onboard investors. His experience with training was much the same as General Motors with small cars, ie "We don't make money from ..."

He seems to have spent the last few years trying to sell an electric Elise. I then expect (I don't know) that he will source another ICE production car from China and put an electric power unit in it.
No R&D costs with the complete development of a vehicle. Just assemble and sell.

Good Luck with that.

I noticed on the Detroit Electric page one person I know. The Executive Program Manager. I assume he works from home. He appears to be the only one based in Singapore.
There are several in China,Holland and the UK, with a couple in Detroit.

Additionally, I saw that my facebook friend Kumar has done some ride and handling work for them. Kumar worked in Lotus Engineering. I helped him financially (personally) in his early rallying career. Lotus Engineering does not have a budget for Rally Driving per se.

I am incredibly biased, that I admit. BUT I wish that my proposal would receive the funding and support that this project has.

Well run ethical institutions that offer bona fide certification nowadays often exceed one million clients. That in my view (biased, I know) represents a revenue stream.

Whilst I have called the project MUM Malaysian Motorsport University, this was because I was with Lotus/ Proton at the early inception. The project has a global vision.

It will happen, I'm sure.

In the meantime, I wish Albert Lam and his crew all the best.

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