Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Corporate help from a Punk

I have a visitor due to visit me in July.
Tilo and his wife Curtney are friends I met in Malaysia. I attended their wedding.
Tilo helped me produce a video (along with Herry - Thanks Herry) for my ASLI presentation.
He also helped me with some of my promotional material and co-ordinated and Uploaded to Amazon the Charity book.

 Apart from my Slideshare presentation, he never asked for any monetary renumeration.

Check out his work here: www.samasama.de

The video I used at ASLI is no longer available. However, Tilo and his group are reforming, so I thought I would give him and his band some free publicity!
His Mum told me they (fifty50) were the best Punk band in Leipzig!
Judge for yourself!

I am still hopeful that I can get support from more corporate type resources for my project sooner rather than later!

Until then Anarchy rules... I suppose?

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