Friday, June 5, 2015

Police only doing as they are told... I'm sure Dr. Mahathir was quietly amused (bemused)

If you read my blog/webpage you will know I have met some of Proton's management, past and present.
Proton being a Malaysian car company. They own Lotus (Hethel).
I have briefly met Dr. Mahathir. Now Chairman of Lotus and Proton.
I presented at ASLI with his Son (a former Lotus board member) and Tengku Mahaleel (former CEO of Lotus).
Before we went on both gentlemen let me know they would not appreciate it if I publicly embarassed them in any way... Keeping face in Asia is a big deal it would seem.
So I am not suprised to see this video appearing on youtube. Obviously, a VVIP was apprehensive about being publicly humiliated and took appropriate action.
The Police are only following orders.

I remember in my younger days having contact with the Police in America. I was arrested several (3)times for drink driving. The Police did what the Police do. End of.
The last time, I had an argument at the bar with a Man who was rude to the bar staff (gave him the wrong brand of beer). The person I argued with felt it necessary to call the Police after I left, apparently he got a pay rise from 'our' company for this.
I got what I deserved, a ban, a fine, lost my house for six months, and had a black mark against my name...  Fair enough.

In Dr. Mahathirs case I imagine he was escorted home/elsewhere. No harm done...

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