Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Exora based Lotus SUV?

I see Lotus are to produce an SUV.
They will use the Proton parts bin. Picture borrowed from Paul Tan.
I have to assume it will be lighter and faster than the Porsche…
Porsche uses a combination of steels and aluminium. Pic borrowed from Topspeed.com
I suppose Lotus could do the same, perhaps adding some carbon.
Zenos, a new car Company based beside Lotus Hethel and run by ex Lotus employees has recently built a new car.
It gets good reviews and uses ‘cheap’ carbon.

Here is a portion of a review. www.motoringresearch.com
It’s made from an extruded aluminium central spine, to which front and rear subframes are bolted. A carbon fibre composite cockpit is fixed to this: if it sounds familiar, it’s because it’s similar to how the original Lotus Elan was made. That used fiberglass though – Zenos’s recycled carbon fibre (with thermoplastic honeycomb core) is a brand new material that’s light, affordable and still seven-tenths as strong as F1-grade carbon fibre. Ingenious.

The Exora has been set up as a hybrid and an electric vehicle as a running prototype. Lotus have obviously produced the Evora in hybrid form.
So a light hybrid version of a Evora based SUV would not mean entering into the unknown.
Engine wise Proton have the Campro, which is in production, and has a turbo charged version. It doesn’t get glowing reports though.
Alternatively, Proton own the (Petronas) E01e which has been in development for about 15 years and has never been productionised.

Proton paid RM63 million (about £11million) for this in 2012.
I assume it was bought with a view to put it to some use?

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