Friday, October 30, 2015

Detroit Electric build first car.

I read today that Detroit Electric built their first car this week.
The business model is (I believe) to obtain a body from an OEM and electrify the power train.
This first model is an Elise based project. Why? Lotus/Proton could do it themselves.
If this is successful, maybe they will.
Detroit Electric have changed the back to look like an old Triumph GT6. (Below)
Here is the Detroit Electric car. (Below)
I met Albert Lam some years ago. He kindly gave me two hours of his time. He could not see a revenue stream in my proposal.
He has obviously seen a revenue stream here. Good luck to him. I'm sure he won't be offended if I say in my opinion he made the wrong decision.
Once again, Albert was kind enough to listen to me (and pay for coffee!). I appreciate that.

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