Monday, October 26, 2015

I actually shared this on facebook. Mark Zuckerberg speaking Mandarin.

I am not much of a facebook user. This blog is a functional tool to promote my pet project, one I hope will become a reality in the not too distant future.
The project is global. In my view internet enabled learning is here already, and will grow and become more inclusive and accessible.
People in our global community practice different religions, and speak different languages. This can be embraced and enjoyed, or rejected/ignored.
Having worked abroad for a portion of my adult life, I have on occasion decided to learn foreign languages.
People who speak English as a first language often expect others to speak English, and make little or no attempt to learn the language of the country they work in. I myself am guilty of this.

From a Corporate perspective this can be a mistake. Whilst working in Germany for General Motors (contract) I would see a dozen Germans speaking German in a meeting, and a British rep from a British Design house would walk in. The Germans would revert to their second language, namely English to accommodate the person.

Privately, this would cause a little resentment. It is a barrier to doing business in that country.

I was impressed to see Mr Zuckerberg representing himself and his company so proficiently in China.

Not only is Mark culturally aware, he is also an excellent business man (obvious, I know).

Will I be learning Mandarin any time soon. If I'm honest, probably not. Would I like my project to have a Chinese presence? Absolutely.

Here is Marks speech. Delivered in Mandarin. I'm sure its not perfect (just a guess... sadly).

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