Thursday, December 10, 2015

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There have been many boundaries to me getting this project off the ground.
I don't have access to millions or billions, and so I can't self fund. I therefore have to sell a project which is linked to me.
When I first mooted this proposal, I was asked some questions which showed to me that people did not grasp what my proposal entailed. There were those who felt that having jockeyed me into a training role, they had succeeded in getting in rid of me. This was true. They were only interested in one thing.
Sadly, I have not managed to get a mentor. Someone to assist, and help finance my proposal.
ASLI, (Asean Strategic Leadership Institute) offered me the chance to present, which I took. Many thanks to Kenanga Simon and her team.

Here is a visual of how much online learning has grown between 2002 and 20012.
This chart is USA based.

Most people believe half the worlds present population will be internet connected by 2020. This is in excess of 3 billion people.

Most countries, developed or otherwise are keen to develop their IT infrastructure. Wi-Fi is common in many counties.

By combining strategically located physical campuses with on-line learning I see a sustainable business model emerging.

I do not think with all due respect, that this is difficult to visualise.

Once again, here is a video of a British based Football centric University based in Burnley and Wembley stadium's... plus Real Madrid's Bernabeu... Plus?

These forward thinking people are widening their educational scope to include other sports. Good luck to them!

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