Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The problem with Private Pension funds QED inc and Hawtal Whiting inc (update)

UPDATE:Should anyone have 401K accounts with Hawtal Whiting inc or QED inc. This link is for Michigan non claimed accounts:
You will have to fill in a form countersigned by a Michigan notary public. Which if you are not based in Michigan could be problematic.

I have never been a civil servant. I have been employed by commercial companies.

Fords were my first major company. They have not gone bankrupt. I have access to any future and present pension information. It is open and accessible.

For many years I worked in America. They have proper pension plans, as in civil service/Ford type plans, and savings plans called 401K's.

Two of the companies I worked no longer exist. One was sold on... Hawtal Whiting USA. This was first sold to Rapid Design, and then sold on again. I am sure that the 401K exists... I just don't know where!

The second, QED inc Troy, Michigan.
CLICK HERE to see what I found on the internet.
When I worked for QED there was some problems with the funds not being paid in on time. The Office Manager at the time, who I will not name, assured everyone this was an oversight, and all funds would be paid in. TRUST ME...

Sadly, the first term that springs to mind when I think about QED is dodgy. I'm sure some very decent honest people will find themselves out of pocket.

Anyone reading this with any insight on whom to contact regarding these plans, please feel free to add the info as a comment.


  1. www.fidelity.com ....will need your old Social Security Number and the Ortonville address (probably) ....for QED (no clue)

    1. Thanks. I contacted Fidelity, they put me onto Byker and Associates. They only know HW was bought by Rapid Design and later sold on... Where to? Thanks again.

  2. Did you have an HW UK pension John?

    1. No. Only a 401K. I know the UK pension was underfunded. I have to think the 401K was offloaded to Bartech by Rapid Design, or it is in a Michigan government can't find the
      owner bin. I am surprised it is not with Fidelity.

  3. I hope everything works out for you John.