Saturday, April 24, 2010

15% tax rate for knowledge workers in Johor Iskandar region.

The Malaysian PM has confirmed that Knowledge workers resident in the Johor Iskandar region will benefit from a 15% income tax rate.

Friday April 23, 2010
Knowledge-worker tax cut in Iskandar finalised
JOHOR BARU: The Federal Government has finalised the details of the implementation of the 15% income tax rate for knowledge workers in Iskandar Malaysia.
Deputy Finance Minister I Datuk Chor Chee Heung said the Government would be announcing the details soon but declined to give the date.

He said among other things, the study conducted by the decision makers covered the definition of knowledge workers and those eligible for the 15% income tax cut.

I know lots of contract workers who would see this as a strong incentive to ply their trade in Johor.

Yesterday, I went to Johor. I could not get access to the track. I'll phone before next time!

I was hoping to see Nandakumar in the Malaysian rally. We missed each other!
I did speak to Aister McRae in the hotel. Alistair said he did OK. In fact Alistair is leading the rally!
Alister McRae on course for first Proton victory

pic borrowed from the Star newspaper

Proton will be happy. Poor Karamjit Singh had mechanical problems. He stayed in his room...

I know Nandakumar finished the stage, but I don't know if he did OK...
Another ex Lotus colleague, Tengku Djan was across the border in Singapore. Singapore was/is hosting a drift competition.

Paul tan is covering this on his blog.
pic borrowed from the Paul Tan