Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Economic Policy +Iskandar region = MUM ? plus a little GM history

Bob Lutz retiring from GM. The Globe and Mail, a Canadian publication wrote a nice article:
GM will be a poorer company with Lutz gone. Not everyone agrees with him both within and outside GM, but he is universally respected. His legacy at GM is a stack of new models with good interiors and strong ride manners. And what he has helped create at GM during the past eight and a half years has a chance of continuing under GM's new president for North America, Mark Reuss. He's a car guy, too, just like Lutz.

I don't know Bob Lutz. He was and is famous in automotive circles. I have done work for Mark Reuss. About 20 years he was a GM product engineer. I did a manual drawing for him. A full size side view of the Oldsmobile Aurora. This was done in Troy Michigan.
Later, I worked on the same project on the computer in Flint Michigan. The design facilities in both Troy and Flint are both now 'Closed".
The Flint Tech Centre was recently auctioned off. Click this link to view the abc12 video
The Aurora was supposed to save the Oldsmobile brand. That too has now been 'closed".
The 1995 Oldsmobile Aurora

Mark has done well for himself. Now he is president of the North American portion of GM.

Enough looking back!

In todays NST Business Times they have an article on Malaysia's New Economic Model (NEM).
CRITICAL reforms on the education front would be an important signpost for Malaysia's structural turnaround, says Morgan Stanley Research Asia Pacific.

"In our view, the crux to Malaysia's reform agenda and the structural inflexion point lies in the skill-set upgrade, either raising the quality of the labour force either via education or via import of foreign talent," it said in a report.

"Without a suitably qualified labour force, other policy initiatives of creating a competitive domestic economy, jump-starting private-sector-led growth and enhancing other growth sources would be futile," it added.

The Malaysian government has long called for Malaysia to become the educational hub for the region. It has earmarked the Iskandar development corridor as one of it's growth areas for among other things 'Education".

If you view slide 4 you will see Creative Industries and Education head the list of desireable industries the government wants to attract to the area.

Alex Yoong kindly allowed me to use him as an endorser of my project. You will see his picture on the front page of my webpage.
Today, he got a full page in the New Strait Times. He mentions his new autobiography 'The Drivers line'. It's F1 weekend here in Malaysia, and Alex is responsible for driver development for LotusF1.

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