Monday, April 5, 2010

3 CEO's say Nej tak, No, Nein danke.

This week I am enjoying KL as usual. Later I will go out and exercise. Life is good!

Group Lotus is consistent. I have now presented my proposal to 3 CEO’s. One Danish, one Brummy (from Birmingham, England), one Swiss.

Every time they have rejected the idea. Never mind. It goes to show that even top guys make mistakes.

I’m not sure I can afford to hang around for CEO number 4 to arrive!

Let’s hope that something spectacular will happen in the next few weeks that will change the mindset of the management team.

I must say I have not spoken to anyone at Lotus in Malaysia. I would not expect any positive response if I did.

I met with a friend for lunch yesterday. Congratulations to Gaza on Newcastle’s promotion! He asked me how my project was going. I told him that I am hoping to see a positive article in this weekend’s New Strait times. The NST has a Car Truck and Bike section.

I met with Andrew Suresh, a journalist friend of Nandakumar. Nandakumar was a local Lotus engineer. Now he is a business owner and successful Rally driver.

I have embedded a video of Nanadakumar in a recent entry.

He has raced in the same team as Karamjit Singh, arguably one of the best rally drivers in Asia, certainly in Malaysia.

Karamjit Singh WINS MRC 2008 10th Time


23 November, 2008, Sepang: Team GSR Pennzoil celebrated a spectacular year in the Malaysian Rally Championship 2008 with lead driver Karamjit Singh taking home the trophy for first overall this sixth and final Round and scoring his tenth Championship win. He was trailed by Team Manager, Gunaseelan Rajoo who finished second today and fellow team mate P. Nandakumar who finished third.

As I have made mention of both football and rallying in this blog entry, I have embedded a video with a two Malaysian Singhs.

Shebby and Karamjit Singh: ENJOY

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