Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Duke of York in Malaysia promoting UK Malaysia ties

The Duke of York is in Malaysia promoting UK Malaysian business. . I hope the Duke has worked his magic and all goes well!
ASLI sponsored event

Picture taken from the Business Times article:
Here are two small portion of the article:
International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed said Malaysia would need collaboration in the services sector, especially in financial services and human capital development, and looked forward for input from the UK.

Perak Crown Prince Raja Nazrin Shah said for British-Malaysian ties to reach new heights, there must continue to be openness.
"If there are problems and issues, these should be worked out with genuine sincerity. A dialogue between different cultures alerts both parties to any biases that might exist ... new horizons of opportunities can then be expanded."
He also called for constructive interaction at all levels, be it governments, think-tanks, universities and civil society organisations.

 I am due to speak at the ASLI Automotive conference in December. Lets see if I have anything to talk about!

I thought I'd finish with a video of the Duke talking to David Frost.

I have added this video because the Duke discusses his 'Performance" which is now monitored by Price Waterhouse. Interesting!

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