Thursday, May 27, 2010

DRB-Hicom are busy opening a college and importing Westfields

Today I read two articles on DRB-Hicom

The Star
The International College of Automotive (Icam) is situated within its integrated complex in the Peramu Jaya industrial area here and can accommodate up to 1,300 students.

He said RM31mil had been allocated for Icam, and so far RM6mil had been utilised to set up the temporary campus on a 1.9ha plot of land. The facilities include an administrative building, a student affairs centre, 10 classrooms, five laboratories, a resource centre, a multi-purpose hall and a computer laboratory.

The permanent campus is expected to be completed in 2012 on an adjacent 14.9ha site.

Birmingham Post
The Kingswinford company, which currently produces about 400 vehicles a year as kit-car or ready-built models, agreed a deal with Malaysian firm DRB-HICOM following support from UK Trade & Investment.

Maybe DRB-Hicom might want supply some cars to Motorsport University Malaysia.
Perhaps the students could assemble the kits at the campus. We could then use them for driver training... Just an idea.
Westfield are available as kits

 Their education division may also be future suppliers of educational products and even students! Alex Yoong, who was kind enough to lend his name to my project (see MUM Webpage) is ambassador to TOC another Malaysian Automotive college that is gaining recognition locally.

Things are slowly falling into place.

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