Friday, May 28, 2010

Group Lotus for sale?

In todays issue 808 (Saturday 29 may 2010) Hardcopy of  The Edge Malaysia, there is an article on page 14 headed
Two more Directors to leave Proton:
In the article which has not yet appeared online they discuss the reasons for the directors leaving...
The final two paragraphs read...

Another issue that has cropped up is the possible sale of a block in Lotus plc, the wholly owned UK-subsidiary of Proton based in Norwich UK.
Sources say a group - a joint venture between a Malaysian and a foreign entity - is seeking to purchase a stake in Lotus, something that has not gone down well with some board members.

I'll keep an eye on this in the next few weeks. As far as MUM is concerned Lotus have never shown any interest in collaborating in a partnership role.I was a bit of a lone voice in management meetings... I'm sure Oh kah Beng wouldn't mind selling us a few units given the chance.

Another recent Star article suggests that Proton's recent discussions with VW may have come to an inconclusive end...
Proton-VW courtship running out of gas


In todays NST there was an article headed:
  A positive spin to local motor racing
It mentions Johor circuit. It would seem that the circuits role in local Malaysian motorsport is being reviewed.

IT has been two weeks of refreshing announcements as far as the local motorsports scene is concerned.
What gives it good vibes is that the Sepang International Circuit (SIC) has taken a more open approach to development.

With the Johor Circuit set to be reactivated, this will see the national series contested at the two surviving tracks in the country.
Ideally there should be more circuits serving development, but at least the two circuits will from now complement each other and not only co-exist as in the past 12 years.

Hopefully, MUM can play a part in this reactivation!

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