Tuesday, June 1, 2010

An interesting view of VW take over of Italdesign

I have just come across a very well written paper on VW. It is written by Turan Ahmed
This only a small part of a very comprehensive article on VW. This quote is taken from the end of a general explanation of the reasoning behind the take over...  
Furthermore, investment-auto-motives suspects that it is also a vehemently strategic move by VW AG. Given that Giugiaro is presenting a Proton-Badged flexi-powertrain city-car at the Geneva Autoshow; with Proton owning Lotus Group (Engineering & Cars) a company which has been intendedly 'over-run' by ex-Ferrari (ie FIAT) management, Piech et al may fear FIAT's potential use – or perceived use - of a technically disruptive new product appearing from FIAT-Chrysler. So seems to be either taking over Italdesign Giugiaro to either integrate the project into VW or suffocate the project so as not to interfere with VW Up and its own e-vehicle kudos.

This is of course the writers/institutions own opinion. It is true Dany Bahar has hired a large number of his former Fiat colleagues. I have to assume that was done with the full backing of Proton.
Lotus had prior to Dany's arrival and Chrysler's recent Fiat management takeover, agreed to supply the Europa as a mule for Chrysler to produce an electric powered sports car (Dodge EV).
Fiat have cancelled that arrangement, so Dany and his team aren't that influencial as far as Fiat are concerned...
pic borrowed from itechnews.net

Unless they see Proton's use of Italdesign as being Dany Bahar led. Dany's recent work experience is with Fiat. Therefore Fiat introduced Dany to Italdesign and most probably have some clever projects lined up with them... (pure conjecture on my part).
VW have been in negotiations with Proton for some years now, and supposedly may soon sign some kind of collaborative agreement. Perhaps the EMAS will become a joint venture?  Who knows (I don't...)
EMAS pic borrowed from paultan.org