Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lotus range extender. Fagor Ederlan to productionise engine. F1 intoduces 107% rule

Well Proton and Lotus management have now been locked in a room for two days. Brainstorming.
I was not in the room. So nothing to report!
A couple of years ago I went to the Geneva motor show. I was supposed to meet Mike Kimberley, at that time Group lotus CEO. Mike got called away.
I was fortunate enough to speak with a few of the engineers. A version of the range extender engine was on show then. It is nice to see it is being productionised.
pic borrowed fron

The BBC reports that F1 will reapply the 107% rule for qualifying.
Among other changes are a re-introduction of the 107% rule, which prevents any driver whose quickest time in the first qualifying session is slower than 107% of the fastest from taking part in the race.
I believe that Lotus F1 are too strong to fall foul of this rule. It will keep the new boys on their collective toes.
Sitting in the paddock watching the race as a spectator would be a very embarassing situation for any team or Driver.
It be interested to hear Alex Yoong talk about this rule on the weekend.  I like Alex, but sadly he has some negative experience with this...

Returning to the range extender engine. I have just viewed a video of Mark Reuss discussing GM's Volt. GM have built their own range extender.
I worked with Mark in the past. I'm pleased he has done well for himself. General Motors appear to be making a good recovery from their bankruptcy.
Here's the video:

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