Sunday, June 6, 2010

MOHE (Malaysia) looking for high quality European students. VW cancel Proton talks.

This weekend I attended the Education fair at PWTC in KL. It was run by NAPEI National Association of Higher Education Institutions
The Malaysian goverment had several agencies represented there. I managed to get a PDF file sent to me outlining all the steps required to set up a private University. It is seventy seven pages and very comprehensive!
The Star wrote an article about the fair entitled:
Be committed, private educationists told
Here are a couple of quotes from the article:
KUALA LUMPUR: With the licences of over 70 private higher education institutions cancelled by the Higher Education Ministry over the past three years, private educationists must be committed if they want to remain in the field.

Deputy Higher Education Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah who said this, added that between 2007 and 2008, the licences of 56 colleges were revoked while 22 more were cancelled in 2009.
pic borrowed from the Star

 Job well done: Saifuddin (second from right) presenting the NAPEI Academic Excellence Award 2009 to (from left) Seri Suria senior principal Lee Seow Ping, Smart Reader representative Moganaveni, and Masterskill vice-chancellor Prof Datuk Dr Nik Rahimah Nik Yacob, while National Association of Private Educational Institutions (NAPEI) President Assoc Prof Elajsolan Mohan (right) looks on.

He told reporters later that the current challenge for private and public higher education institutions was to bring in quality international students, specifically Europeans.

It looks like the Ministry of Higher Education want better and more internationally focussed institutions. I found the European reference interesting.
It would be my intention to have European partners in MUM. The reason I would like to set up a private University is so I can cater to global students. Having a circuit based college would be unique. I'm sure we would have student applications from Europe. As a merit based institution they would not necessarily get priority.

By the way the VW Proton talks are now over. There is no agreement between the two OEM's.
Here is a short quote from a Business Times article:

Proton, in a brief statement today, said that Volkswagen confirmed it currently has other priorities and that a potential collaboration with Malaysia’s car maker could not be pursued.

Oh well. Nothing new there then.

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