Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lotus to unveil a new E(vo)ra in Paris? Mahindra have been to Lotus Indonesian HQ?

I see Lotus Media are teasing people with their proposed new "New Era" at the Paris Motorshow.
Traditionally, Lotus cars start with an E. If it is to be a bona fide launch it may well be a convertible version of the Evora.
I have to assume the convertible was designed in parallel with the hardtop.
Lets see what transpires...
Maybe Dany Bahar will announce a total commitment to revolutionising the brand and bringing it to the forefront of motorsport education across the globe!

Bernama have just reported:  Proton Hopes To Transform Group Lotus Within Five Years
Proton's group managing director Datuk Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir said one of the main strategies under the five-year plan was entering into a premium sports car segment alongside Porsche and Ferrari.

Sadly no mention of Global Education leader leveraging it's hardware and software capabilities to touch students and future customers world wide, whilst making a positive contribution to the world.
A noble and economically viable plan!..
These guys need to hire me!

Recent reports on Mahindra and Mahindra refer to a visit to the Lotus/Proton manufacturing facility in Indonesia??
I have think that people are copying an incorrect article.
Certainly, in the case of Lotus I am sure they only assemble in the UK. They do have a global "Engineering" presence.

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