Thursday, June 10, 2010

Malaysian Government swap Proton cars for Indonesian tanks.

Today, an article appeared on tempointeractive  titled:
Tanks to be Bartered with Proton Cars

Thursday, 10 June, 2010
14:03 WIB
It would appear that Proton being government owned has been used in negotiations with the Indonesian Government....

Indonesian Anoa manufactured APS-3 APC

“Malaysia has ordered with a value of around US$ 80 million per year,” said the Minister of Industry M.S. Hidayat yesterday.
Both sides agree on several terms of payment.

“Namely 25 percent of the trade value would be paid with trade offs,” said Hidayat.

This reminds me of a Design house I once worked for Hawtal Whiting. A friend, Bob Iliffe informed me all the managers had received  Daewoo company cars. Daewoo had used cars in place of cash as payment.

This however was because Daewoo were close to being bankrupt and had cash flow problems.

Hawtal Whiting is not trading anymore. Daewoo are now GM owned and branded as Chevrolets.
When I was in Malaysia, working on the GEN2 project, I worked with a team of ex Daewoo engineers.
Interestingly, once I wanted to promote one of the Korean team to a lead position. He refused, as another member of the Korean team was a higher rank in the military than he had been, and was higher ranking black belt. Such a promotion would mean a loss of face to the other Korean.
Had I offered a similar thing to one of the westerners this kind of conversation would never have happened!
It's an interesting old world we live in!

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