Monday, June 28, 2010

Lotus Snetterton. Thanks to my old mentor Marvin. Mark Webber mounts Heikki

Today I came across a professional quality video of  the Snetterton Lotus weekend.

It is nice to see that Lotus past and present make an appearance. Colin Chapman's wife makes a short appearance linking the two eras. She does not have a 'Norfolk" accent.
Lotus actually started out in London. During my Ford years I worked in the Aveley prototype shop with a gentleman named Marvin Ford. He used to wheel panels on a piece work basis for Lotus in those days. The aluminium panels were oxyacetylene welded, mounted to the car, clear lacquered and raced.
Marvin was a highly skilled tradesman, and a very nice man. I have long since lost contact with him. However, I have a copper kettle at home, that I made as part of my college work. It owes more to Marvin than me, and stands proudly in front of the fire... Marvin, many thanks for your help.

This is possibly some of Marvin's handywork. Lotus 16

Today, F1 cars are composite, and very safe. Mark Webber tried to mount the Lotus of Heikki Kovalainen  this weekend and was airborne. He walked away unhurt.
 If that had happened in Colin Chapmans day we would have been mourning the loss of a life. Safety has certainly benefitted from the technological advancements.
Pic borrowed from BBC

As usual I am popping the odd email and text to those in a position to help move the Motorsport University Malaysia project forward.
Still waiting for a positive response. Enjoy the day.

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