Thursday, June 10, 2010

UK Government looking radical change to University system

The BBC reports that:
University system needs radical change - David Willetts  (England's universities minister)

The above video may not be available outside the UK.

Here is a small portion of the article:
Flexible learning
He said students should be able to study for a degree at any university in England, but attend lectures at their local further education college or other institute.
"That means that you don't have the costs of living away from home but you do get a prestigious degree and that's actually how we spread our access to higher education," he said.
David Willetts: "Fresh thinking" needed for universities
This would also help meet rising demand for degrees, he argued.
The model the government has in mind is that of London University.
It says it has 45,500 students studying by distance and flexible learning in 180 countries. Another 6,000 students in the UK do the same.
This is on top of the tens of thousands of students - the majority - who do study at the university's institutions in the capital.
The university is made up of 19 colleges and institutes.

I assume this means that students can attend other "Approved" sites associated to the University and take their degree materials.
London University doesn't appear to have a Motorsport orientated degree program. Maybe they should start one?!
This sort of proposal would fit in well with MUM. Particularly as MUM is based around a real life working entity (a race circuit).
 Can I suggest they take a look at my slideshare presentation...

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