Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Universities putting their lectures on itunes. Time to change the mantra.

As you probably know I am promoting MUM. The basic concept is to set up an institute of higher learning on a race circuit.
One side of the equation we have cars workshops lecture halls... all based at a working circuit.
On the other side I see virtual learning.
Today, I read an article on the BBC:
pic borrowed from the BBC

Open University claims record iTunes downloads
The article is very interesting:
The global figure for downloads from iTunes U has reached 250 million.
"The way people want to learn is changing," says Open University vice-chancellor, Martin Bean.

The Open University, once parodied for its late-night television shows, is now pioneering the use of the internet to reach its students.
Chart toppers

It began putting material on Apple's iTunes U service in June 2008 - and in two years has had 20 million items downloaded.
"There is a real worldwide hunger for learning," he says.

Such iTunes downloads are now available from many leading universities - putting lectures and materials in reach of an online audience.
Oxford University last month announced that there had been more than three million downloads of its tracks on iTunes U.
The current top 10 includes Cambridge University's "The art of asking the right question" and Warwick University's "Sex in the Ancient World".

I still find it hard to believe that I could not convince Lotus that this project has potential. I have to assume it is a bit like GM.
At GM the mantra was "We can't make money from small cars".

At Lotus it was "We never make money from training". (Sadly Lotus don't make money period.)

Maybe it's time to change the mantra...

One million downloads at RM50 (10 Pounds) is RM50 million.
That sounds like a revenue stream to me.

The new management team are commited to turning a profit. This obviously has the potential to do so.
Thought I would add a positive review of the Satria.