Thursday, July 8, 2010

A potential Lotus collabaration? A three wheeler to make you smile.

Today I saw two articles in the Daily Mail.
One showed a car designed by Gordon Murray who designed the McLaren supercar.
Pic from Daily Mail

A small portion of the article:
So when can you buy one? Gordon Murray's design and engineering company, based near Guildford, Surrey, is not a car factory. He will not make T25s, but instead sell the rights to use the manufacturing process, called iStream, plus the design of the car itself, to a manufacturing firm.
He is reluctant to say whom he is talking to, but confirms he's in serious discussions with at least eight car firms.
'I would love, absolutely love, the car to be made in Britain,' he says.
In addition, the basic blueprint can be adapted easily - for a bigger car, a four-seater, a convertible or a van. His design allows the T25 to be sold for £6,000, at a profit. Including taxes. It is quite possible that T25s will be on sale by 2012.

I would hazard a guess that one of the firms he is talking to is in Norfolk... Just a guess.

Secondly, according to the China Car Times Youngman have bought the rights to sell their products under the Lotus brand. I know Lotus supply Engineering services, and they are a customer.  I find it hard to believe that lotus have actually agreed to let them market and sell them as actual Lotus cars.
A short quote from the article:
...originally Youngman were importing CKD kits from the Malaysian firm but later were given carte blanche rights to start designing their own range of cars under the Lotus branding...
Maybe they put a designed by Lotus badge on the back.

The second article made me smile so I thought I would share the accompanying video with you.

No news on MUM. The vision is waiting patiently before becoming reality.


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