Monday, July 12, 2010

I am a speaker at ASLI Automotive Conference in December. Lotus to produce IRL Aero Package?

I have been invited to present my MUM proposal.

The conference is in December.
Hopefully, by that time I will have some positive developments to report!

This will coincide with the KL Auto show.
Motorsport and it's influence, educational and otherwise will be on the agenda.

It would be nice if members of Team Lotus made an appearance. I'm not sure about Group lotus. Last year top level Proton management attended. The then Group lotus CEO also made a short appearance.
Hopefully, this year the new CEO Dany Bahar will feature.
Last year Alex Yoong was my guest. I hope he returns this year.

Since last year a new entity Lotus Racing headed by Tony Fernandes has come into existence.
1Malaysia F1Team are a new F1 team presently based in Norfolk. Long term, they will be based in SepangF1, where they are setting up a centre.

I have to ask the question. From a racing perspective Tony Fernandes run the F1 team. Group Lotus run a Lotus branded team in the American IRL series (I used to volunteer at the old CART Belle Isle race).
However, Here is a portion of a recent Autosport article:

The Lotus Group is already involved in the branding of Takuma Sato's KV Racing car.

 Lotus Racing boss Tony Fernandes hinted at an increased role (for Lotus F1 racing) after yesterday's announcement.

"Lotus Racing congratulates the IndyCar Series on this exciting news and supports the revolutionary concept of a standard safety cell with various manufacturers producing aero kits," he said.
"We look forward to seeing more details on this future car strategy, and hopefully, allow our involvement in the series."

 Team Lotus (1malaysiaf1 team) obviously have an aerodynamic team in place, computational and physical (wind tunnel).

A small part of an interesting article from SpeedTV.
Open Source Aero
• It is still frustratingly undefined, but the panel will require aero kits to be made available to whomever wants to buy one. Whether that means HVM Racing can buy the current version of a Ganassi aero kit, or if a Ganassi would get to use the kit for an exclusive period before others could buy it is unknown

Maybe we can expect a few Air AsiaX and 1Malaysia decals on next years IRL car(s)?

The new IRL rules allow for several engine manufacturers. Lotus (both team and group) have agreements with Cosworth. See if anything develops there.

This is my slideshare presentation:


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