Monday, July 12, 2010

In my personal opinion roadblocks to Motorsport University Malaysia need to be removed.

Today, I booked my ticket back to the UK. I have a father who hasn't seen me for a while. A media company who I have neglected needs a visit.
I enjoy Malaysia and have become friends with the people who run the place where I stay. Very nice people.
My contact with the people I worked with during my time at Lotus has been limited. I have found that work relationships don't necessarily transfer into personal friendships.
I have to say that my continual promotion of the MUM project has more to do with the belief that is a project very worthy of consideration on many levels and not just because I want to work with the people in Lotus ( nothing personal).
My vision, historically has not been looked on favourably by Lotus management. One former Lotus engineering CEO was kind enough to give me several hours of his time a neutral venue away from any negative opinions. Sadly, he could not see a revenue stream, only a noble idea. Perhaps I didn't explain myself properly.
I sincerely hope that any obstacles to this project are identified and seen for what they are. All projects encounter roadblocks. Normally they are removed.
Here is a slideshare version of my webpage. Make up your own mind.

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