Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dr Mahathir Petronas and Lotus advisor has commented on Lotus product range.

Recently, Lotus have been sending out press releases on the upcoming Paris Motor Show.
The inference is we will see a glimpse of the future product range.
The ex PM of Malaysia is the advisor to Petronas and Lotus. He is hugely influencial.
Before Tony Fernandes embarked upon Air Asia he made sure he got his blessing.

Tun Mahathir ordered the building of SepangF1 circuit.
Petronas sponsor the Malaysian F1. Proton are sponsors of LotusF1 run by Tony Fernandes.

Here are Tun Mahathirs comments on the new product line up from Lotus. This is taken from a recent Chedet entry, entitled:  PROTON'S PROGRESS

5. My next stop was the Lotus factory where the Elise and Evora sports cars were being produced. Lotus had not done well and was losing money. But the new CEO, Dany Bahar has put new life into the management bringing in experienced people from well-known racing teams and sports car producers.

6. New sports cars were being designed and they looked as good as the Ferraris and the Aston Martins. I test drove a turbo-charged Proton Exora, an electric Tesla which Lotus was building for an American company and the Lotus Evora.

7. A lot of Proton engineers were working with Lotus engineers contributing to the development of Lotus cars.

As you probably know I have bugged numerous people with my MUM project. Tun Mahathir is among them!
Unlike Tony, I have not recieved any blessing!

In Paris,I have to assume that we are going to the concept cars that Tun Mahathir descibes "as good as Ferraris and Aton Martins."

I'm flying back to the UK with Tony's Airline on Sunday. I'll miss Tony's LotusF1 team racing in Germany. Hopefully, they will pick up a point or two.

I'm looking forward to seeing my father and the neighbours. I have a board meeting on Friday. It will be nice to have a chat with everyone.

My focus is now on Johor. Any influencial people with access to finance and Tun Mahathir please feel free to contact me!


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