Saturday, December 18, 2010

Lotus propose a new family of engines. Omnivore based? Embed of Jackie Stewart

Yesterday I posted on
I asked if they thought the company (Lotus) would resurrect the 918 turbo.
Wayne the moderator said it would probably be an Omnivore based product.
He posted a link to this video.

I have to assume that Lotus will justify the Research and development costs by factoring in the likely-hood of selling the technology to other OEM's.
Showcasing the technology in Lotus products would then make sense.
However, they would have problems covering Research and Development should there be no takers..

I still think that by incorporating the MUM proposal into their business plan, and selling the technology as an educational product would help mitigate the risk.

In view of Group Lotus re-entering F1 Motorsport with Renault next year, I have embedded a video of Jackie Stewart... Motorsport gives back to society is one of his themes.

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