Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Out with the old in with the new!

This is my last entry for this year.
My previous entry was sent to Group Lotus top management.

Motorsport university ... Show me the money... Billions

Here is a small portion...
Using this as a template: 1 million students would mean 10 billion dollars revenue.
This is far more than I projected using Malaysian Open University figures 4-5 billion Malaysian Ringitt (1 billion plus American dollars)

Presently Phoenix seems to operating on an income that is 13.4% of Revenue...
On a 10 billion Dollar revenue that would be 1.34 Billion dollars a year.
 So far no reply

During the ASLI Conference I used the 1 billion Dollar figure as the total revenue stream. I may well have undersold the project.

Never mind.
In 2009 I attended ASLI with Alex Yoong as my guest.
Alex was Mister popularity and got some work out of the conference (Bufori). Later joined the Tony Fernandes F1 team (now Team Lotus) as Driver Development coach.

This year I attended with a couple of my team. People are aware of the project.

Here is Tony with some of his 2010 friends. (Courtesy of lotusbuzz)

Times change.

I fully expect the project to get funding in 2011. 

Goodbye 2010... Hello 2011

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