Thursday, December 2, 2010

I participated in the ASLI Auto conference. Presented MUM. Attended the KLIMS KL Auto Show.

I just spent two days at the ASLI Auto conference. I got to rub shoulders with Malaysia's movers and shakers. I appreciate the opportunity to present my proposal to an audience who may be actually be able to move it forward.
I presented with Tengku Mahaleel, who took centre stage, and SIC chairman Dato Mokhzani, or Dato Mokzee as Tengku Mahaleel referred to him.

Apparently, I made the evening new on the first day TV3. I had an interesting time. Lets see what happens.
Here I'm shaking hands with the major mover and shaker, Tun Mahathir (Dato Mokzee's dad). He was gracious enough to have his photo taken with me.
 I have to say Tun Mahathir obviously has an influential circle of friends. Seen here with Hilary (at another event I hasten to add).

Many thanks to Kenanga of ASLI for being so supportive.
The KLIMS Auto show was interesting. I'm glad that Malaysia can hold one. Sadly the UK has missed out in the last couple of years.
I moderated a couple of the ASLI Sessions:
Session 3 : Green Technology (Matthias Gelber - The greenest Man on the planet - was very entertaining and informative).
I sat beside Dato Zainal MD of Proton. He was very composed, and comes across very well.

 Session 4 NAP (National Auto Policy.) I was sat beside the new MD of Perodua Datuk Aminar Rashid Salleh. He had only been in the job 70 days. Once again he was very pleasant.
 Tengku Mahaleel was a handful. He went over his presentation time, and got gonged several times!

I presented in session 7 Motorsport potential and promise:
Thankfully, I let my video do most of the talking!
I made up a short powerpoint from my webpage which I presented afterwards. I am capable of confident public speaking. I was disappointed with myself for not practicing more before the event.

Neither of my fellow participants had official presentations. Tengku Mahaleel invited some of his friends to the function. He got them to ask him questions about the old days, and how cheap it is to race at grassroots level... (Cheap is a relative thing... I don't think Tengku and his friends are from working class backgrounds).
Tengku Mahaleel received good feedback for his efforts. (10/10 from some people).Dato Mokhzani spoke off the cuff. He is chairman of the Sepang F1 circuit. He was polite, and answered questions from the floor in a straightforward manner.
Click here to view webpage:
Click here to view video. username: mum  password: 2020

All in all a very pleasant couple of days. Alex Yoong should try and make an appearance next year.

Many thanks to Hanis and Herry for the support on the day! Plus Tilo for graphics on the video.
A special thank you to Armin for letting me borrow a few pic from his blog:

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