Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patricks Day. My minimum salary requirements. Make me an offer.

I just thought I'd wish everyone a happy St Patricks day.
It was some years ago on this day that an old manager from Lotus phoned me out of the blue, and had a little hissy fit over the fact that I considered myself management material.
This Man was instrumental in getting the training division of Lotus closed. I personally found him to be an obnoxious egoististical person. Can't get on with everyone!
I got my CRB check back on the 11 March. So I'm clear to work with vunerable people, in the UK at least.

As a person of undoubted management ability, I would like to state here and now that it will require a substantial offer to obtain my services.

A Good company pension.
A comprehensive medical plan.
A company credit card.
Minimum six weeks paid holiday a year preferably more!
A salary commensurate with my undoubted talents. £100,000 (Basic) plus:-
Stock options and bonuses to reflect the success Lotus and Proton will enjoy when I come on Board.

The company will need to talk to my tax adviser in America, before I accept any offer.
I am able to legally work in both the UK and America. I need a visa for Asia.
Lotus. You know how to contact me.

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