Friday, March 11, 2011

Tengku Djan to race in Qatar. How much for Johor circuit? Qatar Education hub.

I see that Qatar are having a Formula Drift race. Most of the racers are American. Two are Asian. Tengku Djan is one of them.

Tengku means prince by the way. Djan is head of Motorsport at Proton, the owners of Lotus. I used to sit about ten feet away from Djan when he was part of Lotus Engineering Malaysia.

I bet Djan can tell me the price of the Johor circuit! I have met with Johor management before. They expressed an interest in buying the circuit for themselves, however, he never gave me a price. Sometimes people can be a bit secretive.

Alex Yoong mentioned it was for sale when I was at the ASLI conference. He might have even mentioned a figure. I forget. It is for sale that much I know!

Djan seems to be a lot more interested in pursuing his dreams ontrack, than helping me promote this project. Understandable, but a little frustrating!

Despite all this, I can still see the vision becoming reality...

Speaking of Qatar the BBC has run an article on their new educational hub
It quotes malaysia as a success with UK Universities operating abroad.

"The host countries, quite reasonably, tend to apply quite a lot of conditions and there have already been some failures where the universities can't make a branch campus work," says Mr O'Leary.

"But Nottingham's campuses in Malaysia and China do well - largely, I think, because graduates get a Nottingham degree and the university uses its own staff."

Newcastle University is setting up in Johor. I'm sure the would be partnering a real world industrial partner such as Lotus. They would probably jump at the chance.

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