Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Costs for proposed hardware for the MUM project. BBC article says University Education £50 Billion industry

First Johor Circuit.
Based in the Iskandar region of Malaysia. For sale: Price unknown.
Lots of Land for development. The region is supposedly crying out for high tech projects.


Second Campus: USA California.
Honda have left their Desert testing facility. Cost $3million +
Huge Campus would cost ten times that much to build from scratch.

Third Campus Michigan: Between Lansing and Ann Arbor: Cost $350,000
Cheap, again would cost ten times that much to build from scratch. 

UK Campus : Hethel Engineering Centre: Land gifted by Lotus: On the same site as Group Lotus
Cost to buy:: Not Applicable 
TODAY MARCH 3RD: Group Lotus HQ expansion plans approved

Any introduction to a willing financial partner would be much appreciated.
Using Malaysian OU figures Revenue for One Million full time students about One Billion Pounds.
A 10% profit margin gives 100 million profit.
Using Phoenix figures from America the figures are much higher.
British Universities can now charge £9000 per year to local students. Much more to foreign ones.

A recent BBC article quote:
"Universities are being seen as a key to the new economies, they're trying to grow the knowledge economy by building a base in universities," says Professor Altbach.

Families, from rural China to eastern Europe, are also seeing university as a way of helping their children to get higher-paid jobs. A growing middle-class in India is pushing an expansion in places.
Universities also stand to gain from recruiting overseas. "Universities in the rich countries are making big bucks," he says. This international trade is worth at least $50 billion a year, he estimates, the lion's share currently being claimed by the US.

NYU Abu Dhabi
New York University in Abu Dhabi: The university's president says this is the era of "global networks"

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